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Antonio Bastardo Suspended 50 Games

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Phillies reliever Antonio Bastardo was suspended 50 games for performance enhancing drug use. He is accepting the suspension.

I look to the higher power of drugs.
I look to the higher power of drugs.
Doug Pensinger

Going into today, we knew 9 of the 12 players who were going to be suspended in the Biogenisis scandal. None of the 9 were Phillies.

But, this season being this season for the Phils, one of the remaining 3 was. According to the Twitterverse, Antonio Bastardo has been suspended 50 games and will accept the suspension without appeal.

We will have more on this story as it develops. In the meantime, RTP's excellent post from earlier today about how the Phillies have already hit rock bottom seems quickly and sadly out of date.