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Phillies News: Halladay to Leave for Florida, Moving Closer to Rehab Assignment

The season may not be salvageable, but Roy Halladay's return could give us Phillies fans one less reason to cringe every fifth night.

Hunter Martin

I miss Roy Halladay so much. I loved seeing him pitch every fifth day. His absence has left a hole in the rotation that has not been easily filled, not to mention the giant hole in my heart.

But Doc is on his way back. Yes! It's true! As Matt Gelb reported earlier today, Roy Halladay will board a plane to Clearwater tomorrow, apparently to take another step on the road back to the pitching mound. He'll participate in a simulated game on Saturday, and depending on the results, the next stop could be an actual, real live rehab game.

Halladay also talked about wanting to stay in Philadelphia next season ("first choice" are the words that Gelb used in his article). I want him to stay with the Phillies more than anything. Of course, those could just be the empty words that most players tend to say in their contract year, but they may not be. Halladay has never seemed like that type -- more than anything, he just wants to pitch and pitch well.

Oh, my heart is all aflutter at the thought of seeing Roy pitch soon. We've all missed you, Roy. Your return would be most welcome. ROOOOYYYYYEEEEEE I LOVE YOOOOUUUUUU!