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Salisbury and Rosenthal Report that Phillies, Chase Utley Close to Extension

Anything that keeps Chase Utley in red pinstripes is welcome news to me.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Both Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly and Ken Rosenthal of Fox have both posted tweets that have each of their sources reporting that the Phillies and their second baseman Chase Utley are close to (or may have already signed) an extension.

Salisbury is reporting that the deal is done, while Rosenthal is saying the two sides are close while offering more information. The sightly vague figure that Rosenthal is quoting is an absolute steal, in my opinion. The Man has had a really great year, and aside from one trip to the DL for an oblique injury, he's stayed healthy.

We'll post an update as soon as we have one. I'll save my happy words and remembrances of Utley for when the deal is official. Meanwhile, please tentatively celebrate by blasting "Kashmir" in your home, office, or car. I know I will be.

UPDATE 8:14: This tweet from Jon Heyman gives some exact figures. <3<3<3