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Penultimate Home Suck - Mets 5, Phillies 4

The Phillies took an early lead, but the wheels fell off during a rainstorm, clinching the loss in the final home series of the season.

The Phillies Grounds Crew set up Ghengis Khan's tent prior to today's game.
The Phillies Grounds Crew set up Ghengis Khan's tent prior to today's game.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

An early lead, a mid-inning swamphole, an attempted comeback, and a rainout. Was there a more 2013 Phillies game than this one? I doubt it.

Domonic Brown scored the first run of the game in the second, having reached on a single, moving to third on sharp baserunning after a Darin Ruf single, and scoring with a wicked awesome slide on a Cody Asche sac fly. Yay young guys!

Tyler Cloyd kept the Mets quiet until the fourth, when David Wright hit his 8,000th career homerun at Citizens' Bank Park. Tie game. In the sixth, though, with rain falling, he ran out of gas. Daniel Murphy led off with a homerun that set off air raid sirens in Moscow. Wright singled, Lucas Duda was hit by a pitch, and Juan Lagares hit a two-run triple. Who the fuck is Juan Lagares?

Having recorded no outs, Cloyd was lifted in favor of Ethan Martin, who, although he struck out the side, also allowed an RBI double to former Phuture Phillie Travis d'Arnaud. That's going to be a tough pill over the next few years.

In the bottom of the sixth, though, the Phils attempted a comeback. Cesar Hernandez led off with a double. Jimmy Rollins doubled, scoring Hernandez. Chase Utley doubled, moving Rollins to... third.... Whatever. Rollins scored on Carlos Ruiz's grounder to third, and Utley scored on a wild pitch. That was all they'd get, though, as Brown and Ruf made two quick outs. Phooey young guys.

Interlude: I wasn't watching today, I was listening on At Bat radio while working on winterizing my house (it was 20 degrees yesterday). While using a Sawzall with one hand to cut a 1x3, which is totally safe and everything, the saw blade got bound up, wrenched my hand, and I got a wicked splinter in my little finger. Oh god did that hurt. On the plus side, this put me in the proper mindset for the balance of the game. On the downside, I now have a bunch of blood on my Sawzall, which probably makes me look like a serial killer.

Anyway, now that you're attuned to my train of thought, the rain continued to increase. Rain rain rain rain. Precipitation. Gravity propelled liquid water. Liquid Sunshine. Anyway, it was raining. It was raining vigorously enough that the umpires called a delay after one out in the top of the seventh. It's possible that the Phils would have managed to claw their way back on top tonight, but, really, who gives a shit at this point.

Two Thirds of a Fangraph:

Source: FanGraphs

With the loss, the Phillies drop to 71-83 on the year, while the Mets move to 70-84. I don't think we're going to the playoffs this year, guys, but at least we can still beat the Mets.

The final home game of this beshitted season is tomorrow morning, at 9AM, depending on your timezone. It might snow. Cliff Lee takes the mound for the Phils, hoping to make Fan Appreciation Day memorable, against the Mets' Carlos Torres.

Bonus SIlver Linings Department: The Braves were robbed of their chance to clinch today, as the Marlins and Nationals found themselves rained out altogether. Fuck off, The Braves.