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It's Over: Braves 12, Phillies 5

The Phillies go out in style, if by "style" you mean "embarrassingly bad baseball."

Daniel Shirey

The Phillies said goodbye to the 2013 season with aplomb today, submitting to a 12-5 beating by the Braves. The Phillies couldn't just lose this game normally. They had to really stink up the place. There was hope very briefly in the fourth inning when they came within a run, but the Braves would soon pull away due to a delightful combination of crappy pitching and horrible defense.

The Phillies did finally homer, though. Erik Kratz went deep in the fourth inning and scored three runs.

So there's that.

But beyond that, this game didn't contain much, if anything, to be happy about. Zach Miner, today's unlucky bullpen starter, threw 61 pitches in 2 1/3 innings and gave up 5 runs. Then the rest of the sad, overworked bullpen vomited up seven more. Defense was an issue, with Cesar Hernandez committing two errors and having major issues in the field. Offensively, the Phillies racked up 10 hits, but Utley was the only one with two today. He finishes his season with 16 home runs and an average of .284.

The Phillies finish the season 73-89. They are fourth in the NL East, ahead of only the Marlins at 62-100. They are behind the Mets at 74-88.

I could say more, but why would you want me to? A Philadelphia sports fan's capacity for sports-related misery is larger than the average fan's, but I think we've reached our limit.

And with that, the 2013 Phillies season is over. Thank you all so much for reading. The Phillies played horribly, but I had a great time this season. The TGP staff is made up of phenomenally talented writers, and I'm so grateful they write here. You all are the best commenters blog mistress could want, and thank you for contributing. And of course, thank you to the Phillies for another season of baseball. Rest up, gentlemen, and for the love of God do better next season.

Fangraph of offseason enjoyment:

Source: FanGraphs