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Catz Corner: Lucky number 7: Phillies secure 7th overall pick in 2014 draft

While there hasn't been much to look forward to this season, Some good news today, as virtually everything went right for the Phillies, and they end up with the 7th overall pick in the 2014 draft. And as you'll see, seven has been a pretty good spot.

This is Matt LaPorta. He's the only 7th pick that turned to crap since 2002.
This is Matt LaPorta. He's the only 7th pick that turned to crap since 2002.
Greg Fiume

Earlier today, the Mets and Rockies both won, and thus the Phillies will pick seventh in the 2014 draft.

I'd be lying if I said I haven't been following the draft order closely, and for good reason. sometime in late July I realized that The seventh pick has been insanely lucky. I've secretly been hoping that's where they would end up.

How much better you ask?

Since 2002, The seventh pick has produced 130.8 WAR per BBR, compared to 30 from 8th, 42.8 from 8th and 54.5 from 10th, so 130.8 from the 7th spot compared to 127.3 from 8,9, and 10 combined.

For those wondering, since 2002, the number one overall pick in the draft has combined for 58.5 wins since 2002. (Though from 1998 to 2001 it was pretty solid.)

The 7th picks since 2002:

2013: Trey Ball

2012: Max Fried (BBA #46 preseason 2013, mid season #40)

2011: Archie Bradley (BBA #25 preseason 2013, mid season #7, top pitcher on the list)

2010: Matt Harvey

2009: Mike Minor

2008: Yonder Alonzo

2007: Matt LaPorta

2006: Clayton Kershaw

2005: Troy Tulowitski

2004: Homer Bailey

2003: Nick Markakis

2002: Prince Fielder

There is literally no other position in the top ten that has produced the consistent talent or the level of high end talent, and I don't care if its luck or coincidence or whatever, I say its fate.

the only major leaguers from the 8th overall slot since 2008? Mike Leake, Drew Stubbs, Paul Maholm.

9th? Jacob Turner, Aaron Crow, Jarrod Parker, Mike Pelfrey, Chris Nelson, John Danks Jeff Francis.

10? Michael Choice, Drew Storen, Jason Castro, Madison Bumgardner, Tim Lincecum, Cameron Maybin and a few guys you've never heard of.

So yeah, this is a big deal. It's something to look forward to this off season, cause Ruben can't trade it away, take it from you, or turn it into Delmon Young.

So as this season comes to a close, I hope you spend your off season dreaming of this years Kershaw, or Tulo, or Fielder, or Harvey. Cause on day 162, they finally won something.

Catz Out.