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Dubee Gone: Amaro Still Has Job

When the organization is failing and you're in charge, change everyone but yourself!

Joe Robbins

The Phillies announced today that they are not bringing back pitching coach Rich Dubee.

Dubee started as the team's pitching coach in 2005. In the years he had the position, the Phillies ranked as follows in fWAR for their pitching staff:

fWAR NL Rank
2005 13.9 6
2006 12.1 8
2007 8.2 12
2008 14.1 6
2009 11.5 9
2010 16.2 5
2011 26.2 1
2012 19 3
2013 10.5 11

2013 was the team's worst pitching year under Dubee other than 2007. Given what seems to be management's desire to clean house this year, it's not at all a surprise that Dubee isn't coming back.

I've never been all that fond of the guy, but then again, I also don't really believe that pitching coaches do all that much at the major league level.

But, I think it's quite clear that Dubee isn't really the problem here - it's the talent that he's been handed. Give the guy good talent, and his staff will produce. Give the guy the rotating cast of drek that threw from the mound this year, and the results are not going to be that good. It's pretty simple.

It's the talent, stupid, and who is responsible for talent development, retention, and acquisition? The man who still has a job, and the man who decided not to retain Dubee.

And just to be clear - I'm talking about Ruben Amaro, Jr., who still has a job despite decimating this franchise's short lived experience with dynasty.