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Phillies Writer Obituary: Riddance, in a Series of Links

Bill Conlin died yesterday at age 79.


Here's the obituary.

Here's the kind of stuff he wrote. Many people believed he was better earlier in his career.

Here's the advice he doled out to aspiring writers.

Here's why he wrote some of that. He didn't like bloggers.

Bloggers didn't like him.

He was a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA). He won an award.

He voted guys into the Hall of Fame. Or didn't. He's in the Hall of Fame himself.

After he won the award, he was accused of sexually molesting children by many people. He was not prosecuted mostly because the statute of limitations had run out. The allegations were awful.

Here's how he reacted.

Here's how the BBWAA reacted.