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Phillies Links: Tanaka, Hall of Fame, Yuni Betancourt, and much more

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What's Tanaka likely to get, and is it worth it? Hall of Fame ballots were due on Dec. 31, and if there is a trend, it may be that resistance to suspected PED users is softening.

Tanaka, Professor of Posting
Tanaka, Professor of Posting
Koji Watanabe

Tanakas for all the fish links

At FanGraphs, The Crowd Speaks: Masahiro Tanaka’s Contract, and it says "6-7 years at $17-22 million AAV".

In addition, our own Justin Klugh with a skeptical take on the question Are the Phillies really in on Masahiro Tanaka?

Assuming Tanaka and his agent do their research, Philadelphia, a franchise quickly falling and questionably led, wouldn't qualify as a top choice. In the end, if Amaro really wanted Tanaka; really, really wanted him, he would most likely only succeed by offering an absurd amount of money.

And based on this, maybe that's OK: Looking for Comps for Masahiro Tanaka

Overall, the average — or median, either way the results are the same — outcome for this group is that of an above average hurler, but definitely not what one would consider an ace.

Hall of Fame Voting

Ballots from BBWAA voters were due on Tuesday, and as expected the current logjam and PED allegations are big topics:

Dave Cameron, if he had a vote, would fill his ballot to the maximum of 10.

As would Neil Weinberg of Beyond the Box Score.

Similarly, Tim Keown at ESPN: Let the numbers alone speak

Is this an indication that the blockade of suspected PED users may be weakening? We'll find out when results are announced on January 8th.

Beyond the Box Score also has a readers' ballot: Beyond the Box Score Reader HOF Vote

And just fyi, SB Nation is running a stream of profiles for top candidates: 2014 MLB Hall of Fame profiles


Also from FG, Carson Cistulli presents the Long-Awaited and Final Stat Report on the Caribbean Leagues, where Jon Singleton is rated as the 5th best hitter, and Antonio Bastardo the 3rd best pitcher.

Spring 2013's dodged bullet, Yuniesky Betancourt, is reportedly drawing interest from a number of teams, and The Daily Dish asks the obvious question: Why?

The Hardball Times takes a scientific view at Taking a dive (into first base). Surprisingly the conclusion is not as clear-cut as might have been expected:

Both sides have valid arguments best summarized when Davey Lopes, first base coach for the Dodgers, was asked about diving into first. He said, "It's fine. Some people are just comfortable doing it. I wouldn't teach it."

After 5 years of RAJ, who's ready to join AA? Blue Jays’ Alex Anthopoulos on thin ice:

Anthopoulos, like his predecessor, has found out Jays fans are knowledgeable and hard to fool.

Many of us will continue to wish that the AL simply did away with the stupid experiment, but in reality the NL's eventual adoption, or even something like this proposal, may be unavoidable... Compromise on the Designated Hitter:

...what if only a team’s starting pitcher got a "Bodyguard"?