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Phillies continue reunion tour with Bobby Abreu

The Phillies have brought in Bobby Abreu, formerly of the Phillies, on a minor league deal.


So you're looking out the window, watching cars freeze to the road, when

**'Brakes squealing' sound effect**

**You realize the sound actually came from out the window and wasn't just an audio metaphor indicating sudden shock**

The Phillies have reacquired Bobby Abreu, last seen in 2006 in the dugout, hugging his teammates after he was traded to the Yankees. The 39-year-old Abreu will receive $800,000 on his minor league deal, and compete for a lefty bench spot, which he could very well get. Upside on the 17-year vet is that he gets on base a bunch and hits a cool, timely dinger on occasion. His defense likely isn't improved.

Some fun bullet points:

  • Ruben Amaro and Abreu were teammates in 1998.
  • Abreu hit the first home run ever in Citizens Bank Park.
  • This:
  • This: