Congrats to New Author Liz Roscher!

Look at those abs! LOOK AT THEM!! - Wet Luzinski

TGP Site Blogmistress Liz Roscher has recently taken the leap to the other side of the keyboard, from reviewer of baseball romance novels to author of the newly released My Apostate Lover. So far, even though she'd be too modest to admit it, it has met with the following reviews:

  • "It had to take a severe critic of the baseball bodice-ripper oeuvre to create such a masterpiece debut. In My Apostate Lover, newcomer Liz Roscher plunges into the steamy and at times sordidly furry underworld of baseball mascot groupies and gropies. Borrowing seamlessly from Greek myths and the brimstone sermonizing of Jonathan Edwards, Roscher's novel takes her reader into an identity- and soul-baring journey of steamy homestands and even steamier one-night stands. You too might need a suit lined with cold packs to keep your body temperature constant." - Kirkus Reviews
  • "A stunning debut baseball romance novel. Roscher has arrived like a baseball bat out of Hell." - Publisher's Weekly
  • "After reading My Apostate Lover, you will never look at a mascot rubbing a bald guy's head in the same way ever, ever again." - New York Times Review of Books