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Fantasy Season: Spreadsheets at Dawn

Smell that, private? That's the smell of draft day sleepers.

"I believe I am no longer draftable in these leagues!"
"I believe I am no longer draftable in these leagues!"
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

So, it's that time of year again: the time of year where I, your humble bloglord, ask you to sign away six months of your life to the timesink that is...fantasy baseball.

Well, okay, it's just about signing ten minutes over coffee over to the fantasy gods, but let's not let facts get in the way of a good pitch.  This year, we're continuing the tradition of our ottoneu keeper's league, though that is full up, though you can follow from afar and laugh at our terrible understandings of how baseball should work: .

For those in ottoneu, a few small and friendly reminders.  First, the keeper deadline is this Friday at midnight, so be sure to make your cuts by then.  Also, reup fees are due by February 4th; it's 10 bucks.  Let me (trevor dot strunk at gmail dot com) or Joecatz know if you have any issues with or questions about either.

Beyond ottoneu, we've traditionally offered two other (free) leagues: a Yahoo! league and a CBS league.  I haven't heard anything from the Yahoo league (anyone is welcome to chime in here), but the CBS league is back on with a bullet.  We're still working out categories and such, but it looks like we'll be changing from our traditional format to more of a Head-to-Head version.  As such, we want to make sure everyone's on board, so please, if you want to play in the CBS league, leave a comment here along with your email.

Even if you've been in the league for the last three years, if you aren't me or Joe (i.e. commishes), I need your name below to confirm that you're in.  We'll cap it at 16 teams, as that seemed like a good round number last year, but we'll run the league with as few as 12.

Thanks all, and I can't wait to get hosed by all of you in trades that I deeply regret after the fact!