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You're All Idiots: TheGoodPhight Staff HoF Ballots

Wherein your brave few try to undo what has been done by the BBWAA.


So, unless you've a) been living under a rock, or b) you don't really hold any stock in this particular hurdle of the offseason, you probably know that results for this year's Baseball Hall of Fame vote will be announced at Noon EST today.  We've seen the pre-vote festivities and hottakes (up close and personal, even), and we've seen twitter feuds and passive aggressive shots taken over the honor of Jack Morris and Barry Bonds.  Now, finally, we'll get some closure.

Until tomorrow's columns about the results of the vote come out.

Anyway, we at TGP thought it was only right to bring you an account of how the voters should have voted, so below, you'll find a sampling of your brave staff's picks, all of which, even when mutually exclusive, are 100 percent correct.  Reminder that each ballot is allowed ten picks, though they need not use all of them, and the eligible candidates are here.  Let's get going, shall we?  In no particular order:

John Stolnis

1.Greg Maddux
2. Frank Thomas
3. Mike Mussina
4. Tom Glavine
5. Jeff Kent
6. Jeff Bagwell
7. Mike Piazza
8. Tim Raines
9. Curt Schilling
10. Barry Bonds


1. Greg Maddux
2. Curt Schilling
3. Barry Bonds (grimace)
4. Roger Clemens (oh my goodness gracious)
5. Edgar Martinez
6. Frank Thomas
6.5 And possibly Jeff Bagwell


1. Clemens
2. Bonds
3. Piazza
4. Maddux
5. Thomas
6. Mussina
7. Trammell (I grew up a huge Tigers fan as well as Phillies)
8. Glavine
9. Bagwell

I'm on the fence on Biggio, Martinez, Schilling and Raines, but I'd lean towards leaving them off.


1. Maddux
2. Glavine
3. Mussina
4. Schilling
5. Thomas
6. Piazza
7. Raines
8. Biggio
9. Clemens
10. Bonds


1. Clemens
2. Bonds
3. Maddux (Greg:-)
4. Trammel
5. Schilling
6. Bagwell
7. Mussina
8. Walker
9, Glavine
10. Piazza


1. Bonds
2. Clemens

3. Maddux
4. Schilling
5. Mussina
6. Thomas
7. Bagwell
8. Raines
9. Trammell
10. Piazza


My ballot:

Pete Rose.


If I were an actual hall voter this would be my ballot.


That's it. And Maddux would squeak in because he was that good, but until Bonds and Clemens get in I could not justify voting for any other player that was not on their level of play. And as good as everyone else is this year they were both that much better. Juice or not.


1. Bonds
2. Maddux
3. Clemens
4. Biggio
5. Thomas
6. Mussina
7. Glavine
8. Schilling
9. Walker (so's he don't fall off th' ballot)
10. JT Snow (because you monsters refuse to include a novelty vote!)