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These were the Phillies' best moments of 2014

It's a video, so play it and let's watch the few good moments we had this year, mmkay?

Wait, is that an UPPERCUT swing from Ben Revere?
Wait, is that an UPPERCUT swing from Ben Revere?
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Like last year, the 2014 season didn't have a ton of "good" in it.

There was a lot of "bleh," a fair amount of "grrr," and a heaping helping of "AAARGH! this year." They finished in last place in the NL East, weren't competitive for most of the season, and lost a lot of key players to injuries.

We don't have to rehash all the crappy things that happened in 2014. Instead, let's focus on the positive. Let's focus on the joyful moments, the ones in which we remember what it was like when this team used to play good baseball more often than they did bad baseball.

So, with that, I present to you (actually presents to you but I'm hijacking it for the purposes of this blog so hush your face) THE BEST PHILLIES MOMENTS OF 2014!

March 31 - Phillies Bludgeon the Rangers on Opening Day

Remember that quick, 24-hour period, where all our worries about the offense disappeared? Remember that one day in 2014 when the Phillies were in first place, having outslugged a Texas Rangers team that was actually supposed to be pretty darn good? Jimmy Rollins hit his 200th home run, a grand slam, in that 14-10 game.

May 27 - Ben Revere Shocks The World

After 1466 at bats in the Major Leagues, Ben Revere hit a baseball past the fences that surround all baseball stadiums. They call it a "home run," something his teammates talked to him about in the dugout after he rounded the bases. Here it is again, because it's so wonderful to see.

June 14 - Rollins Sets The Record

On this date, with a single to right field, Jimmy Rollins passed Mike Schmidt as the team's all-time hit king at 2235. He would end the season with 2306 career hits, and he's still going.

And you've gotta love Mike Schmidt coming out to celebrate with J-Roll. Amazing moment, indeed, Tom McCarthy.

June 15 - Ken Giles Begins His Ritual Abuse of Major League Hitters

Man, he was fun to watch this year. The Phils' "Closer of the Future," did more than get his feet wet this year. He jumped right into the Major League puddle and got everyone else all muddy. He finished the season with a 1.18 ERA and 64 strikeouts in 45.2 innings. And yeah, he hits 100 mph.

June 25 - A Moment For Tony Gwynn Jr.

Philly fans have the tendency to get quite boorish at times. But on this night, days after the death of his father, Tony Gwynn Sr., the younger Gwynn was welcomed home by the crowd in the warmest of ways. One of the more touching moments from the 2014 baseball season.

June 26 - Chase Utley Walks It Off

The following night, "The Man" ended a 3-3 game in the bottom of the 14th with a walk-off blast, the first walk-off homer for him since 2006. He would get pied for his heroics, as is the custom.

August 5 - Ryan Howard Beats The Shift

It was nice to see a good moment from a struggling Ryan Howard, who managed to squeeze a single through the shift to win a baseball game over the Astros, 2-1 in 15 innings. Man, this team played a lot of extra inning games this year. They played 21 in fact, tied for most in the Majors.

August 10 - Howard Walks Off Again

A little later in the week, Howard did it again, getting a base hit down the right-field line to give the Phils a 7-6 win over the Mets in the bottom of the 9th. It's always good to beat the stinking Mets, you know.

September 1 - Team No-No

On this day, Cole Hamels could only last six innings. He had given up no hits. So, the bullpen finished the job, with a no-hit inning each from Jake Diekman, Ken Giles and Jonathan Papelbon. It was the first combined no-hitter in Phillies history, and it's so nice when a family does things together, isn't it?

September 5 - Ben Revere Does It Again

I was there for this game. I saw Ben Revere shock the Washington Nationals with a ninth-inning, game-tying, two-strike home run to right field.

I still can't believe what I saw. Ben Revere. POWER HITTER. The Phils would go on to win the game in the 11th.

So, there you have it. Those were all the good moments from the Phillies 2014 season.

It's nice to realize there were some fun times.