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Phillies Minor League Organizational Rankings - Corner Outfield

Kevin C. Cox

The Rankings:

  1. Kelly Dugan (RF)
  2. Dylan Cozens (RF)
  3. Cord Sandberg (RF)
  4. Jose Pujols (RF)
  5. Samuel Hiciano (LF)
  6. Cameron Perkins (LF)
  7. Brian Pointer (RF)
  8. Herlis Rodriguez (LF)
  9. Jake Sweaney (LF)
  10. Gustavo Martinez (RF)
  11. Chase Harris (LF)
  12. Larry Greene (LF)

Honorable Mention: Peter Lavin, Leandro Castro

The Reasoning:

Kelly Dugan is sadly more known at this point for being bizarrely injury prone than a legitimate outfield prospect. When Dugan is on the field the kid can actually hit and play defense. The 24 year old lefty slashed .296/.383/.435 with 5 homers in 290 PA this past season in Reading. This is coming off a 2013, which he slashed .291/.352/.506 across two levels with 20 homers (in 473 PA). Kelly has battled injuries every season it seems, but never from the same ailment. Perhaps this is a reason to remain a little optimistic that a large amount of this is due to incredibly bad luck. Dugan missed time this season from an oblique injury (2 months), which could explain a slight drop in power. He plays an above-average right field and should begin the 2015 season with Lehigh Valley. He is closer to being MLB ready than most think right now. I believe he can be an above average starter in the major leagues.

Perhaps the next 3 names are probably interchangeable, depending on who is ranking them. I'm a bit high on Dylan Cozens, the 19 year old two-sport athlete just a few years removed from high school. The kid has just phenomenal power and is an incredible athlete. He has holes in his swing, but is still learning to hit. This of course didn't stop him from blasting 16 home runs this past season. He has a good arm for RF and should stick there for the time-being. Why am I overly optimistic given the shaky peripherals in 2014? His home/road splits. He wasn't the only guy with better stats on the road as both Samuel Hiciano and Zach Green did significantly better away from Lakewood. This doesn't hold up with all Blueclaws from this past season, but clearly he had some issues playing at home this season. Cord Sandberg is another two-sport HS athlete who is still making the transition to baseball full-time. He started off hot in his first 25 games, but then tailed off. He is a quick learner and was making adjustments all season to get better. He has great power potential and is a good enough athlete that he likely still gets a few looks in CF before he finally settles in RF. He has a cannon of an arm (recruited to play QB in college). Jose Pujols (unrelated to Albert) is a capable rightfielder with immense power potential; probably the best in the organization. He is a 19 year old from the Dominican Republic that was actually able to reach Williamsport by season's end in 2014. He more than likely begins 2015 in Williamsport.

The organization has a ton of other interesting names on the list that could rise/fall as 2015 unfolds. Hiciano has a good bat and power to aid a potential breakout in 2015. Perkins is a great fielding OF (can play all 3) who broke out in Reading (.342/.408/.495) before struggling in Lehigh Valley after a mid-season promotion. He doesn't offer much power, but could be a potential addition to the 40 man roster with a strong season. Brian Pointer is a very gifted athlete with a lot of good tools, but hasn't been able to make them play at the plate. In 2014, Pointer started making better contact, which let him set a career high in HR (15) for Clearwater while adding 16 steals. He continues to be patient at the plate and take walks, but will need to be a little more aggressive in Reading. He likely even sees the "Reading offense spike" and excite a lot fans.

This might look like I'm piling on Larry Greene here, but nothing he has shown since entering the organization has given me much promise. He shows a great swing in batting practice, but then can't repeat it in the game. The power, which was THE tool for him, can't be tapped in game because of poor pitch recognition. He will get a 1-2 year leash before the Phillies finally decide to cut ties.