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Last Week's Links: Reheating the Hottest of Takes

Hey, we do more than just write here, after all!

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"Cool links." - Dom Brown
"Cool links." - Dom Brown
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to a new weekly feature here on The Good Phight (albeit a feature that will normally be going up every Friday, not every Monday).  For your heroic staff writers, and also for me, your less heroic staff writer, TGP is our main sportswriting focus; however, that doesn't mean we don't have side projects, and like all artists with side projects, we're going to demand you listen to them.  Cause it's about the music maaaan.

Anyway, each and every week, we'll give you a run down of the best of TGP, as well as stories and podcasts that the masthead has produced outside of these hallowed walls.  I hope you get a little something extra from these links, and if nothing else, hope you find the comments section to be a productive little bubble of talk.  As it always is.

On to the links!

Non-TGP Sideprojects:

John Stolnis writes constantly for us, and apparently, also constantly over at Number Fire, which is a site that is kind of lovingly mashed up between fantasy algorithms and great sports writing.  John kind of does both.  His most recent efforts can be seen here:

Meanwhile, he also wrote a piece that should be near and dear to all Phillies fans, comparing the Royals of today with their last World Series team in 1985. Certainly the Phillies weren't winning it all in 85, but spiritually, that's the same Royals team they beat in 80, so it's close enough to count.  Be sure to click through John's charts as well: while the salary information is almost boggling to the point of banality (hi Mike Schmidt's league-leading 2.13 MM dollar salary), I was actually newly impressed by the WAR charts.  Particularly impressed at Dwight Gooden's 85 year, which my GOD.  Well, well worth your click:

David S Cohen, who we all lovingly refer to as the Professor, is actually IRL a professor and a damn smart one too. His book is actually coming out soon, so if you're at all interested in abortion law, ethnographies, and just good work on a sensitive but rich topic, preorder his new book here:

Meanwhile, in the non-written word, blog mistress Liz Roscher and Crashburner MJ Baumann have released the most recent episode of their fantastic podcast Defensive Indifference which can be found at and also right below here, where I've embedded it!

And I myself have a brand new podcast, too, with Scott Kessler of The Brotherly Game and elsewhere. It's called The Baseba'al Podcast, and it's basically a place where we work out simple explanations of complex stats, and then complicate those explanations through musings on philosophy.  It's fun! Our first guest was Crashburner Bill Baer, and our first topic was fWAR. I think you'll like it -- check it out embedded below or at this link:

You can find more from MJ Baumann and Bill Baer at Crashburn Alley ( as well as at ESPN, Grantland, and twitter.

TGP Best Of:

First off, the exit interviews have begun, and if you haven't read them then, my god what are you doing with your life? Make something of yourself here:

Meanwhile, Justin Klugh has taken his particular everyman approach and NPR-grade wit to yet another of our daily battles with this baseball team as he takes on the Phillies abandonment of paper tickets:

John Stolnis -- ever watching, ever waiting, ever listening, ever writing -- asks, are the Phillies interested in a Korean Slugger --

As it happens they probably should be, as it looks like John sees an influx of OF talent in 2016 that could supplement all of our power hitting shortstops from Korea -- h

David S Cohen does not only write legally inspired defenses of our culture's unsung heroes, but also (less successfully by his account) of our culture's greatest monsters. With a lede like that, you know it's Amaro-based --

Jaypoozle has worked out an org ranking for a fairly intriguing group of starting pitchers, for those of you who want to hope for stuff like weirdos --

And finally, Liz Roscher does what I am incapable of doing and find wholly repugnant and immoral: she forgives Hunter Pence --

And that -- leaving out so many great pieces in the process! -- will round us out this week. Enjoy it, all, and we'll see you Friday!