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This Week in Links: Get Learned

Hey pick up some knowledge, ya dimbulbs.

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Ya Dimbulbs
Ya Dimbulbs
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Welcome back my friends to the linkpost that never ends. Hope you're ready for some learning: your mother and I have been talking and we think you could use it.

Non TGP-Work by TGP Writers

Not that much here this week, but there is a new Baseba'al Podcast with me, Scott Kessler, and the man known as Cormican.  Check it out if you're at all interested in prospects, Phillies, and scouting because it's a dang interesting one:  Embedded below, as well.

TGP Best Of

Cold shower of reality from John Stolnis on Joe Maddon that you should read if you're even getting remotely optimistic: Could the Phillies hire Joe Maddon? Uh, no.

Schmenkman has gone over our very favorite 300 hitter with a fine toothed comb and found...that he's very weird: 2014: A Phillies Statistical Oddity -- Ben Revere

Dajafi is here to tell you that rebuild is not a four-letter word: Phillies Join Reality-Based Community, Target 2017

David S Cohen worked out a tremendous account of Spike Lee's appreciation of the Taney Dragons and the ever wonderful Mo'ne Davis: Doing the right thing: Spike Lee documentary of Taney Dragons?

Insanely Important TGP First

Jimmy Effin Steakerton, y'all.  If you don't know, now ya know: Doing the right thing: Spike Lee documentary of Taney Dragons?

Non-Affiliated but Still Quite Good

JH Moore is perhaps one of my top five favorite baseball writers (off-blog of course; those are my family), and you should read everything he writes.  But you should definitely read this on sabermetrics, capital, and wall street: How Wall Street Strangled the Life out of Sabermetrics

Curt Schilling may be weird about the Phillies and weird about politics, but he's a lucid person and a tragic figure in a number of ways. Here's his account: Curt Schilling not hiding his scars

Yo, you heard about World Series ratings? Screw that: The World Series ratings are low. So what?

Hey, the Phillies made the postseason! Okay, uh, it was a hypothetical postseason. And, uh, it was for the worst teams, not the best ones. But hell, it's fun: Presenting the Underworld Series

Home runs? In my ballpark? It may be more likely than you think: Moonshots Episode 6: Citizens Bank Park

It's by Sam Miller, it's funny, and it has pictures: you'll read it: Pebble Hunting: An Illustrated Guide to the People of AT&T Park