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Phillies send B.J. Rosenberg on another trip to Lehigh Valley

It sort of sounds like a made-up place to mask the grim reality; like he's going to "go live on a big farm upstate." Which he kind of is.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

29-year-old right-hander B.J. Rosenberg has been waived off the Phillies' 40-man roster, survived the time when another team can sign him, and can now choose to either report to IronPigs camp, or become a free agent.

Rosenberg can throw the ball hard, but never effectively enough to remain a long term solution in the Phillies bullpen. He gave up 20 H, 9 ER, and 7 BB for the Phillies this year over 12 eye-rolling IP. He only threw two innings in July and still walked two guys and allowed an earned run. Overall. he logged a 5.50 ERA through 44.2 innings in the last two seasons of his career.

Let's consult some of my own in depth, highly credible Rosenberg analysis from years ago:

I'll be leading a fan section, wearing a crown of Roses and drunkenly hurling petals onto the field as Rosenberg is called in.

Then I am arrested and police remain unmerciful while I explain that I am the baseball nymph whose spirit guides B.J. Rosenberg's success. Then there's a restraining order and stuff.

Hmm, yes. That's real good stuff, past Justin. Everyone thinks you're so funny. This was taken from a blog post called "The Phillies' Future is B.J. Rosenberg." I will not link to it.

For the most part, Rosenberg has spent a lot of time on the bus between Philadelphia and Lehigh; the same bus he was put on after Ryne Sandberg and Rod Nichols once fake-yelled at him about eating pizza. He will be there when the Phillies' have an inevitable injury or something.

Now, let's all enjoy watching Rosenberg strikeout Freddie Freeman with a 95 m.p.h. IronPig Special.