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Roman Quinn, Nefi Ogando to play in AFL All-Star Game

Phillies prospects among elite Arizona Fall Leaguers who would be ushered to the front of the line if Earth was being evacuated and the shuttle had limited space.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long, hard offseason. The Phillies had a very active autumn, for a non-playoff team, but I think we're all ready for baseball to start up again. With the closing of the Arizona Fall League next month, our wait is finally over.

What's that?

Uh huh

Not even half... okay

I'm being told that the baseball offseason is a far more desolate, interminable time, that will become much worse as we push forward. I'm also being told to look to my left and right and to understand that statistically, at least one of those people will have succumb to winter madness by the emergence of organic life again come spring.

The AFL, an abbreviated league in the first place, will have it s All-Star Game on November 1, with the championship game two weeks later. Right now the Phillies' shared affiliate, the Scottsdale Scorpions, are in last place with a 9-9 record in the East Division, two games behind, the Mesa Solar Sox and four back of our hated rivals, the Salt River Rafters. Stupid pompous Rafters, all haughty and rich, not like us scrappy, blue collar Scorpions from Scottsdale. I HATE THEM SO MUCH.

The Scorpions may be in last place, but the Phillies will have two of their prospects playing in the ASG:

Roman Quinn, reassigned to the outfield, leads the Scorpions with 10 SB (the next guy has six). He also has one of the team's five triples. According to people actually there and watching him, Quinn has been pretty much running the bases at will, at some points just appearing on them without first having an at-bat, like an apparition. Opposing pitchers aren't even really sure if he's there or not, and are too afraid to tell their managers for fear of being hauled off the asylum. Quinn just hit his first home run of the fall.

Nefi Ogando, is a clear pick for the All-Star team of any league, given his raw power.

For a brief time, Ogando set and held the record for the fastest-ever AFL pitch this year, with a 98.4 m.p.h. heater. He was dethroned later by the White Sox prospect Francellis Montas, who chucked one at 98.8 m.p.h.

He's thrown 9.2 IP in 8 G, with an oppressive 1.86 ERA. In that stretch, he's allowed only 4 BB and 6 H while striking out 9.