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The Sounds of the Game: Behind the Scenes with the Fox Audio Producer

NPR's All Things Considered ran a brief piece on audio production for Major League Baseball. It's worth a listen.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

With the World Series wrapping up later tonight, it's worth exploring a little behind the scenes magic. My dad found this interesting nugget, and I'm sharing it with you fine folks.

From the Stadium to your Stereo: Baseball's Biggest Sounds

It's just under four and a half minutes, and worth a listen.

A tidbit: each Fox broadcast uses more than 80 microphones around the stadium, including bullpen mikes, crowd mikes, and base mikes (microphones hidden inside the bases!). There are also three large parabolic dish microphones set up around home plate intended to catch what the umpire, catcher, batter and even the pitcher are saying.