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Phillies respond to Eskin's shakeup allegations

The Phillies issue a strong denial of Howard Eskin's report of ownership intrigue.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies wasted zero time responding to Howard Eskin's report of discord and deep unhappiness amongst Phillies owners, which broke last night. Jim Salisbury tweeted a screenshot of the press release, deleted it, and then tweeted it again fifteen minutes later.

They stop short of saying "Hey Eskin, you're an asshole", but that's the general gist of that press release.

The reponse isn't surprising at all, considering that David Montgomery has cancer and is currently away from the Phillies to spend his time fighting it and getting better. Any suggestion that a sick man was taking time off for reasons other than being sick would provoke this kind of pointed, speedy response from an organization.

That being said, this press release doesn't mean that anything that Eskin said isn't true. This isn't proof of anything whatsoever. While I think that Eskin is a moronic gasbag, and his sourced reports probably come from a tiny martian who lives in his desk, he could be right. Only time will tell with this one. That feels macabre, but considering how closed-mouthed the owners not named David Montgomery are, all we can do watch and wait.

Regardless of any of this, cancer sucks and we here at The Good Phight continue to send David Montgomery our best wishes for a speedy recovery.