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Postseason Open Thread: Division Series Extravaganza, 10/3/2014

Four games, no waiting.

"I'M SO ASHAMED." - Joakim Soria, probably.
"I'M SO ASHAMED." - Joakim Soria, probably.
Rob Carr

There is going to be 12 hours of playoff baseball today. 12 hours. Starting with the Tigers trying to redeem themselves from last night's epically embarrassing meltdown, they face the Orioles at noon. And on the back end, the Royals and Angels have a 9:30pm first pitch, and will try to play a game in 9 innings and make it at least a smidgen more interesting than last night's trudge to victory. In between, the Giants/Nationals and Cardinals/Dodgers play the first games of their respective division series.

Time (EDT) Visitor Home TV
12:00 PM Detroit Tigers Baltimore Orioles TBS
3:00 PM San Francisco Giants Washington Nationals FS1
6:30 PM St. Louis Cardinals Los Angeles Dodgers FS1
9:30 PM Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels TBS

Buckle in, folks! Today is going to be a fun day.