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Four years ago today, Roy Halladay was unhittable

Let's remember the memories together, the memories of the Ace of Broken Faces doing what he did best.

Chris Trotman

Four years ago today, Roy Halladay threw the second postseason no-hitter in baseball history.

And it was everything.

Four years isn't a landmark. It's not a period of time worth celebrating, usually. But as we experience yet another Phillies-free postseason, I think we should spend some time reminiscing. Because HOLY CRAP IT WAS REALLY AWESOME.

Let's start with my favorite clip, which is Halladay's last out with Scott Franzke's call. God, I love Scott Franzke.

You want to see every single one of Roy Halladay's outs from that game? Watch 'em below.

Here's Halladay's post-game on-the-field interview. It takes him 10 words to mention Carlos Ruiz, who is his baseball soulmate. At least I like to imagine them that way.

Still haven't had enough? Here's a 17 minute mini-documentary about that game. The documentary lasts longer than some entire innings did on that fateful night.

I talked about my memories of that game on last week's episode of Defensive Indifference, the baseball podcast I'm hosting with Grantland's own Michael Baumann. You can listen here! But one thing I didn't share on the podcast is this: my favorite thing about the entire game was the narrative. It was Roy Halladay's very first postseason start. Ever. He'd been waiting his entire career to appear in the playoffs. And when he finally got his chance, he did *that*. He threw a no-hitter, which he'd already done once that year! How is that not everyone's favorite thing?

So what are your memories of that game? What stories do you have to tell of October 6, 2010? Share them below!

I miss Roy Halladay so much, you guys.