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Roman Quinn, Logan Moore team up for sweet play at the plate

The Phillies outfielder and catcher nail a guy at home, then wait around for the umps to call him out a second time.

"Nice. Nice."
"Nice. Nice."
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

They're reviewing plays at the Arizona Fall League, and who can blame them. Some plays are just so neat you want to experience them again.

When Roman Quinn fielded a single from Marlins prospect Justin Bohn, the Rockies' Taylor Featherston was tearing around third. Quinn reared back and fired a throw home, where Phillies catching prospect Logan Moore was waiting. Featherston attempted a crash landing and was called out; the umpiring crew thought it was so cool they called timeout so they could all gather around and listen to their friend in New York describe it to them again.