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Ken Giles only three spots away from NL Rookie of the Year

The Phillies hard-throwing, bad-talking young reliever was recognized by the NL ROY committee.

That's some first place teeth-squeezin', friend.
That's some first place teeth-squeezin', friend.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Giles kicked ass for 45.2 innings in 2014, a small window of time that allowed for at least some people to notice how great he is.

As the NL Rookie of the Year voting got underway, the Mets' Jacob deGrom got the most votes. Fine. Billy Hamilton came next, because he can break the sound barrier with his legs, whatever. Then came Kolten Wong, I assume because he's on the Cardinals and they have to get greasy red feather-prints all over everything any time an award is being handed out.

But then! Onward came the Giles NL Rookie of the Year votes.

The 24-year-old, triple-digit hurling reliever came in fourth, getting two second-place votes and two third-place votes, and for good reason: He struck out 38.6% of the batters he faced (64 SO vs. 166 batters), a Phillies record. After allowing a home run in his first appearance, he never did again, finishing with a 1.18 ERA, 64 SO, 11 BB, and a 0.788 WHIP. At one point, he'd retired 25 straight hitters, and was one fourth of the Phillies pitchers who combined for a no-hitter by just doing what came naturally to him.

What a fun thing to think about; the formation of a young, hot, dominant back end of the bullpen. Relievers are mythical beasts, nothing is not elusive. But fun to think about. Especially right now, when the best news we can look forward to is that Ryan Howard has been dealt and the Phillies will only be eating most of his contract.

Anyways. Despite his lack of stage presence, Giles does photograph rather well.