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Vote on the funniest Phillies moment of the year

We've winnowed down the nominees to just four. Read, laugh, and pick your favorite.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

With the SB Nation Awards going a little differently this year, you the reader get a chance to influence the nominees. The most popular entries from the individual site awards will be chosen to compete against each other in a knock-down-drag-out fight to the death. I think the Phillies have more than a few moments that could win such a battle. Here's the rundown of the nominees, taken from your suggestions and TGP staff suggestions.

Hexing of Dan Uggla backfires hilariously

(Nominated by ScrewballsCophin)

Schadenfreude: taking pleasure from the misfortunes of others.

There is no other clip that defines schadenfreude better than this one. Waaaaay back on April 14th, the Phillies were playing the Braves on Monday night baseball. The game was incredibly boring until the 8th inning, when the Phillies broke out five runs to go up 6-5. The Phillies had just a one run lead going into the ninth inning, but fans felt pretty confident. Confident enough to mockingly hex Dan Uggla when he came up with the bases loaded. When the baseball left Dan Uggla's bat, it didn't take long for everyone to realize what had happened.

What you see right there is the moment that everyone realizes that Dan Uggla had just hit a grand slam to put the Braves up 9-6 in the ninth inning. Even Phillies fans have to find that hilarious. For me, the superstar of that clip is the kid in the white hoodie next to grey shirt guy. That poor kid just stares at that grand slam with his eyes wide and his mouth open. Schadenfreude!

Jonathan Papelbon feels up Carlos Ruiz

(Nominated by agam22)

Back on May 28, Ryan Howard hit this majestic three-run walk-off homer against the Colorado Rockies.

Howard's teammates were understandably excited, but Jonathan Papelbon was perhaps the most excited of them all. He stood behind Carlos Ruiz, wrapped his arms around his midsection, and then grasped Chooch's bosom with great fervor. And the whole time he's making this angry, pointy devil face.

This is proof that Jonathan Papelbon is, at any given time, enjoying himself more than everyone in a 15 mile radius.

The Papelcrotch Incident

The crotch grab that will live in infamy.

On September 14, Jonathan Papelbon gave up four runs in the ninth inning against the Miami Marlins, putting them up 5-4 and eventually causing the Phillies to lose the game. Papelbon then did this:

That right there is a thing of glory.

Was Papelbon responding to Philadelphia fans booing him after one bad outing? Or was he readjusting his junk, AKA Little Jonathan and the Papelbons? The world may never know.

Phillies fans invent "The Kimbrel"

(Nominated by ScrewballsCophin)

Everyone in the world can say whatever they want about Phillies fans, but I love 'em. And not just because I'm one of them. Even at the end of a shitty season, the collective is still looking for ways not just to mock the competition, but to have fun. From September 27 this year, I bring you THE KIMBREL.

And here's the full MLB video of THE KIMBREL.

I'm looking forward to this becoming A Thing next year. Every time Craig Kimbrel comes to Citizens Bank Park, I want everyone to do THE KIMBREL. He looks like a guy trying to take flight using his regular arms as wings. You can't fly with your arms, Craig!

So, which one of these worthy moments is funniest? Vote below.