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Just Soreness: Jesse Biddle to Have MRI on Elbow

Amidst a flurry of breaking news, we hear that Jesse Biddle is returning from Puerto Rice to have an MRI on a sore elbow. No, not the right one.

No jokes. This is a tough break for Biddle.
No jokes. This is a tough break for Biddle.

This story is still developing but what you need to know now is:

As you can see, Ryan Lawrence is reporting that Jesse Biddle, the much ballyhooed and chagrined pitching prospect, is having enough sustained pain in his elbow that Phillies deem it necessary to examine it with an MRI. After a lost year in which Biddle struggled with depression as a result of a severe concussion and then showed signs of returning to his prior form at the end of the season, it seems as if he has run into another setback.

If the MRI shows fraying or tearing, Biddle will join the ever-expanding list of Phillies pitching prospects to suffer arm injuries: Shane Watson, Adam Morgan, and Ethan Martin, just to name a few. Let's hope they will have good advice for Biddle if he has to undergo surgery and rehab.

Biddle first experienced the pain while pitching in winter ball, where he struggled in two starts. He left the second start early because of the pain. But it is unclear whether the pain preceded the start. What is clear is that the pain is abnormal for Biddle. As Amaro told the media, "It's just soreness. He's never had it before."