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When are the Phillies going to do something?!

If last off-season is any guide, the action across MLB is about to start. When the Phillies make their moves may or may not fit this pattern.

The GM meetings are wrapping up today in Phoenix, Arizona, coinciding with the end of the Arizona Fall League, with the championship game on Saturday.

There has not been a lot of activity yet, but that's really to be expected. For example the bulk of the transactions last year took place from the week following the GM meetings until the Christmas holiday. There was a particularly large spike in activity in the first three weeks of December, centered around the Winter meetings:


FA is all free agent signings, excluding those on minor league contracts.

Below are the average transactions by week over the last 5 off-seasons, i.e. back to 2009-10:


And the totals (combined trades and FA signings) by week for each year:


Finally, since we are primarily interested in trades this off-season, just the trades by week in each year:


Below are the totals by year:


...where we've seen a trend towards more trades and fewer FA signings...


The fun is just beginning.