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The Good Phight's 2014 Over-Under-Never Results!

In which, what you've all been on pins and needles awating, the results of TGP's annual prognosticoff!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You made your selections in the Spring, the Phillies responded, and now we know what happened!

Without further ado... your 2014 winner was kmrblue1027, with 19.4 points! Congratulations! Your runners up are NowWhat?, with 17.0; Missing Jamie Moyer, with 16.9; dbssaber, with 16.8; and Yolacrary, with 16.7. The full results are below.


The exact scoring matrix is a closely guarded trade secret I borrowed from Coca-Cola, but broadly speaking, each individual event was worth a single point, and the extra credit scores were weighted with a max value of one and a min value of zero. One thing to note is that lorecore only answered for the 15 base events, so his score of 9.0 is rather impressive in that regard. Also I should probably not be in charge of articles about predictions.

As was mentioned in the spring, the Chili Cook-off portion of the contest will be indefinitely suspended pending new wireless chili technology, but out of the one chili recipes submitted, mine was the chilliest. Wait...

Look for yet another Over-Under-Never Roundup and Festival of Sadness in March. Until then, congratulations to your winners, and better luck to the rest of us!