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Help us choose the best Phillies moments of 2014

The SB Nation awards are upon us, and if you want the Phillies represented, it's time to vote!

Four studs, no waiting.
Four studs, no waiting.
Scott Cunningham

SB Nation is doing their MLB awards a bit differently this year. Instead of having us blog masters and mistresses vote on the same old boring awards that they use in the baseball world, the powers that be have created several new categories and they want the readers and commentersno

What are the categories? I'm glad you asked!

  • Funniest moment
  • Most regrettable moment
  • Defensive play of the year
  • Most important hit
  • Pitching appearance
  • Team of the year (sadly we cannot nominate our own team for this one)

Even though the Phillies had a crappy year, they had a lot of good moments that should be recognized. Nominees can be represented by video, GIF, Vine, photo, stat line, tweet, or some other sharable description. So go back and dig through the game threads, search for video, scour your computer for .GIFs and Vines, and help us find some nominees!

How do you nominate someone for a category? It's easy! I've posted one comment for each of the categories. To nominate someone, just reply to that comment with your nominee. Throughout next week, I'll be posting the nominees for each category along with a poll so everyone can vote. The powers that be will then look at all the winning nominees and pick 4-5 for each category based on the site results.

Happy nominating, everyone!