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Da Links of Da Week: Fresh Meat

Listen, we love ya.

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Lemme Kiss Dem Links
Lemme Kiss Dem Links
Kevin C. Cox

Look, by this point I hope you know the drill: I give you links and you click them and revisit our best pieces (both here and elsewhere) and you get to see other pieces by (almost always less talented) writers off-site.  So let's go!


The Baseba'al Podcast, Episode 3

Scott and Trev have two Seans on the show, one the very popular @dj_mosfett and the other the lesser known but still quite bright and interesting Sean Slavin, Scott's roommate, to talk about Ken Arneson's fantastic (and linked below) "10 Things I Know About Baseball Without Evidence." Enjoy the good math and stay for the half-baked philosophy.

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Defensive Indifference, Episode 15: Yasmani Tomas and Meg Ryan End a Friendship

Liz Roscher and Mike Baumann talk about basically every bit of baseball news you could possibly want, with gossip and accent talk dropped in, but let's be honest -- we're here for the brawls. Tooth and nail battle over Yasmani Tomas' upside and the quality of Sleepless in Seattle ensue. It's always wise to err on the side of the blog-mistress, so sorry Baumann, but we're Team Liz.

The Good Phight Repeats

Madison Bumgarner: Not Really That Good

Justin Klugh writes a lot of goofy stuff. He's a real goofball. A real goofy Gus. And this is goofy even for him, the criminal.

Dick Allen Getting Hall of Fame Justice

Sometimes Klugh writes non-goofy stuff though. Mainly on his work release, though, the criminal.

Has "The Phillie Way" Changed?

John Stolnis is the workhorse of the TGP staff, but also writes as good as a number two pitcher. Or, well, writes like that guy pitches. Heck, maybe he's an ace. I guess what I'm trying to say is Stolnis' xWrite is pretty remarkable and you shouldn't sleep on this article.

Baseball Prospectus Top 10 Phillies Prospects for 2015

"Hey, did you see that dumb BPro list?!"


"I'm so mad about it!!"

"Well me I'm actually feeling okay about it because I read Dan Cormican's really smart take on it."

"I'm so mad I'm gonna do that too!"

Phillies in Winter: My Chase Utley Rug

Gonzo journalism from RememberthePhitans about rugs? Good lord why aren't you reading this instead of this links post?

A Year Without Baseball

WholeCamels is back. Nuff said. Welcome back, old friend.

Other Good Stuff

10 Things I Believe About Baseball Without Evidence - Ken Arneson

A really wonderful article that challenges contemporary ways of thinking about sabermetrics. Worth a read for even (maybe especially for) the most skeptical stathead.

Ryan Theriot Trolled The Analytics Crowd on Twitter

NEWS SCOOP: Ryan Theriot bad at baseball, twitter.

"He Reeked of Jim Beam and Slim Jims": Your Best Mike Ditka Stories - Deadspin

Yes, it's not baseball, but it includes this quote:

Now people are panicking because the water just kept running out onto the floor, the shop owner is doing damage control yelling to one of the staff to get it fixed ASAP and there's Ditka yelling "don't look at me, I just took a goddamn piss!"....despite it being a one-person capacity bathroom that he just walked out of a second earlier!


Other Bad, So Bad It's Good Stuff

Mitch Albom: Dr. Football Is In -- Open Wide and Say Hike! - Detroit Free Press

Oh dogg, enjoy these tight as hell one liners from Tuesdays With Morrie over here.

Geeks Inherit the Earth, or At Least the Dodgers' Front Office - LA Times

Quick, get into your mother's basement, Steve Dilbeck's takes are too hot!!

Ernie Palladino: Sadly the Kids Have Followed A-Rod's Example - CBS New York