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Jamie Moyer not returning to Phillies' broadcast booth

The former Phillies pitcher has elected to move on after one season behind the mic.

Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Your only reason for not muting the Phillies' TV broadcast is now gone.

Jamie Moyer, former Phillies pitcher and the best part of the 2014 broadcast team, has decided that he won't return to the booth for another season. From CSNPhilly:

"However, as we are now based on the West Coast, the geography presents unique challenges to the matter at hand. I thus reached a decision that, for the moment, it's very difficult to balance a bicoastal professional life with family life at home."

Moyer joined the broadcast team this past season, as part of a revamp that saw longtime broadcasters Chris Wheeler and Gary "Sarge" Matthews let go/reassigned/silenced forever. Matt Stairs was also added last year, and he and Moyer split the games & were occasionally in the booth together with play-by-play guy Tom McCarthy. As Stairs is now the only remaining color commentator, CSN is looking for Moyer's replacement. That's a relief, because after his first year, Stairs is definitely not ready to take on color duties on his own.

Moyer's reason for moving on is why I was initially surprised he took the job last year. I was thrilled, of course, but with his family in California I wondered how long he'd stay. The answer to that is sadly just one season. For me, Moyer was far and away the best part of the broadcast booth. He needed some polishing, but his love of pitching and of baseball really came through in his commentary. He also told some great stories, as you'd expect of someone with over 350 years of major league pitching experience. (Or something.)

Good luck and godspeed, Jamie! We'll miss you next season as we try to sync up the radio broadcast with the muted game on the TV.