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You bastards! You blew it up!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: The trade is apparently not quite yet finalized:

Hey dudes what's goin-

Oh, huh, weird.

Well, I mean surely it's not as if there's any sort of traction to these things I mean how often have we heard about a Jimmy Rollins tra-


Well, look I haven't seen anything from anyone really in charge here and until I get some verified info, I'm assuming this is all coming from Chris Coti11o, he of the 3 tweets and 45 followers.  And I don't think I'm gonna see th-


In all honesty, this is what we wanted, right? A trade of the old core so that the youth could get it going?  Frankly, it's a bit jarring to see the most elder statesman be  the first on the chopping block, but so goes revolution I suppose.  My shirsey is now woefully out of date, and I had hoped that Phillies red would be evergreen with J. Roll.

Still, however long you're in Dodger Blue my dude, you're a Phillie to me.  May you provide Kershaw with many a no hitter saving dives, and may you be a good double agent for the Phillies when they need to play spoiler.  Godspeed Young James!