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Brett Myers has fan theory on why Jimmy Rollins was traded

Who we need to turn to for comfort right now is former players on the internet.

Chris Gardner-USA TODAY Sports

In these raw, emotional times, we lean on the strength of old friends to get us through.

Brett Myers, whose Twitter account is unverified and whose Backwood Rebellion isn't so rustic that it doesn't have an internet signal, has shed some light on just what possibly motivated Jimmy Rollins' trade to the Dodgers.

We're fortunate that Myers has stayed in such close contact with the Phillies front office that he knows the motives of an organization of which he has not been a part since 2009, and perhaps we can look forward to further insight as the Phillies make more moves.

Myers is of course referring to Ryne Sandberg and Jimmy Rollins' "beef" this past spring, when Sandberg was a new face in the clubhouse, and  Rollins had responded "Who cares?" to a reporter's questions on Spring Training stats. The nightmare of local hustling-advocates had become real, and parents tried to shield their children's ears from Jimmy's remarks, but it was too late. No child ever ran through the first base bag in the Delaware Valley again.

Sandberg sort of hinted at there being a problem, then backtracked and said Jimmy had the flu, which Jimmy said was true... and then they didn't really want to talk about it, and maybe they never did get along, but the Phillies had more important things to do, like losing 89 games.

It would be surprising if now, with their franchise icon a 36-year-old man, that the Phillies as an organization would decide to send him a message about his attitude. Especially after making it clear that they were trying to move on from veteran contracts and rebuild. And also the whole drama surrounding Rollins being dealt was always that he could veto any trade the Phillies set up anyway, so if he does go to L.A., it's because he allowed himself to.

So take that, Jimmy!