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Look at Chase Utley being wonderful

Chase Utley, battling every instinct in his body, interacted with humans and it was so nice.

See how natural it feels, Chase?
See how natural it feels, Chase?
(via @Phillies on Twitter)

Chase Utley probably has some faults. He might steal all the blankets or never clean the French press or be a staunch supporter of #gamergate. God, that would be out of left field, huh? Or more like second base! Ha! What is this post about.

The point is, we Phillies fans tend to grab strangers by the collar and scream about how great Chase is. He is still somehow the best second baseman in the National League, and yes, he's pretty good-looking, I'm told lustfully by most female humans I know and the ever loudening voice in my own brain. So we have a tough time seeing or pointing out any faults he may have.

When he does things like appear on 'Ellen' to surprise a big fan of his who is up against an intensely rare type of cancer, give her free stuff and invite her to come to any Phillies games she wants this season as his guest, it becomes even more difficult.

So yes, every fiber of Chase's being was advising against this. There would be people there, after all, and they would all be looking at him. He would have to speak and sound like a person, not a grim, manly soul trapped eternally in the body of a human. But he did it anyway, because he is cool.

Thank you, Chase. Now, let's all be traded for prospects.