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Jimmy Rollins trade to Dodgers is happening

In the longest goodbye of all time, the Phils' deal with Los Angeles is finally done.

Goodbye, Jimmy.
Goodbye, Jimmy.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It took long enough.

After six long days of saying goodbye to the franchise's all-time hits leader, reports late Thursday night indicated the Phillies' trade of Jimmy Rollins to the Dodgers is a done deal.

The delay hinged on a corresponding move the Dodgers had in place with San Diego regarding Matt Kemp. One of the pitchers they were to get back in that deal, Zach Eflin, would be part of the Rollins deal as well.

But Kemp apparently has the hips of a 50-year-old former NFL linebacker, which was causing some problems for San Diego. Happily, it appears the waiting is all behind us now.

So the Phillies will get Eflin as well as Dodgers' pitcher Tom Windle, both decent prospects in exchange for Rollins.

But it wasn't without some drama and a very long goodbye to the greatest shortstop in franchise history.

Our long national nightmare is finally over.