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Renegade GM at it again: Wil Myers for Cole Hamels?

According to sources, the Padres are dangling Wil Myers for Cole Hamels….

At the very least he fills the "handsome" void.
At the very least he fills the "handsome" void.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought it was safe to go Christmas shopping, young upstart GM AJ Preller is at it again. As first reported by Ryan Lawrence at, it looks like Wil Myers is in play for Cole Hamels...

I've been tooting this horn for a few days now on twitter, and I think there's legs here. There would need to be more than just Myers, and it would be buying at his low value. That said, he'd certainly fill the handsomeness deficit that a loss of Hamels would leave, and when you have a GM like Preller, who's not afraid to deal?

Watch out, because:

Hamels can't block a trade to San Diego.

He's from there.

We're dealing with a young upstart GM who's not afraid to go for broke...

There are a ton of ways this could go, but of all the rumors so far, this one seems to be something real. Other teams may have more to offer. Ruben may be able to ask for a better deal from someone else. But I'm not sure there's a team out there who's more willing to pay for what they want right now than Preller and the Padres.

More to come as this develops. For now...