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The Phillies Win Christmas

With a triumphant series of tweets, the Phillies have emerged as a competent social media entity and have given joy to many in need.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

You might have missed it. If, like most people on the night of Christmas Eve, you were spending time with family away from the watchful eye of the internet, you would have missed what might be the defining moment of this holiday season. The Phillies, pioneers that they are, led all of baseball in a stirring rendition of Clement Clarke Moore's "'Twas a Night Before Christmas," the entirety of which has been reproduced below, for the benefit of the people.

(Note: I cannot find a tweet for the line, "Had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap." Not sure what happened here.)

Wait a minute! Braves, we've already covered this. Either keep up or stop interrupting with your backwards Southern rendition.

You too, Yankees! How many times do I have to tell you; follow along and keep up. Santa's got a journey to make, places to be. He doesn't have any time for you dilly-dally-ers.

(Note: Another missing line: an invocation of Santa's remaining reindeer)

Jesus H.! For a multi-billion dollar industry, there aren't a lot of people here who can put out a tweet on time.

Seeing that this was devolving into a stream of consciousness spouting off of random lines, the Reds stepped up and put an end to all this:

Regardless of how this ended, let's never forget that the Phillies got this started. For all we've complained about their lack of social media prowess, tonight is a welcome sight. Ten teams, plus the official MLB account, joined the party. Granted, not all were reciting in perfect harmony, but the intentions were good.

The Phillies won Twitter on Christmas. They might not win many baseball games during the regular season, but no amount of losses will negate the joyous victory the Phillies sowed on the battlefield of Twitter this Christmas Eve.