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Phillies to sign Wandy Rodriguez

Pending a physical, the Phillies are close to signing Rodriguez to a minor league deal.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

It's exactly the type of move a team like the Phillies should be making right now.

A Tweet from the Phils' Spanish play-by-play broadcast indicates the former Astro and Pirate left-hander is close to a deal with the Phils, pending a physical.

Because I was stupid and took French in high school and not Spanish, I had to look up Angel Ibo Castillo's tweet on Google Translation. In English...

Wandy Rodriguez is traveling to Philly for medical examination. If all goes well it looks like Phillies could put into rotation.

Terms of the deal are not yet known as of this writing, nor is it known if it's a major or minor league deal.

The Phils have a lack of pitching depth heading into 2015. They have a few good young arms that will start the season at Triple-A, including Aaron Nola, Tom Windle and Zach Eflin, but not a lot of starters ready to crack the rotation from Opening Day.

As of now, the rotation consists of Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee (if he's healthy), David Buchanan, Jerome Williams and Miguel Gonzalez, so yeah, that's why it was smart for them to take a chance on Rodriguez, who has started just 18 games over the last two years due to a left forearm injury and right knee injury.

However, from 2007-2012, he put up a 3.48 ERA in 153 starts, and at 36, has a chance to rebound this year.

No, Rodriguez doesn't make the Phillies contenders next year. Nothing short of a miracle could do that. But for a team that isn't expecting to compete for a playoff spot next year, taking a chance on a formerly good pitcher like Rodriguez, especially on a minor league deal with limited risk, is exactly the type of move this team should be making.