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TGP Fly Ball Follies: General Discussion Thread

Because god knows we need somewhere to spend our work hours.

Jeff Golden

So, we've had a bit more conversation in the old threads than usual which means one, if not both of two things:

a) We have new readers!

b) It is almost Opening Day!

I say good to both!  But, as is the case with increased frequency of conversation and increased number of topics, we're going to need a place to put all the new stuff, hence Fly Ball Follies (name subject to change and deserved ridicule).  Basically, this is the place to go if you have something to say, either about the Phillies or life itself, the ineffable wonder of being, or like where to get good Cronuts, and none of the main threads are really serving you at the moment.  Basically: free conversation conversed freely.

As a lubricant (hahahah) for this, here are three topics, standardized writing test style, that you can start with.

1. Reminiscing on Bobby Abreu - Point of fact, The Good Phight was named with Abreu in mind; the "good fight" is maintaining his good name.  So, you know, we're pretty jazzed about this.

2. Phillies in on AJ Burnett - Get 'im from the Nats, Roooob.

3. General rumblings - Anything going on with that girl you met out at Pete's last night?  No, not the one with the hair, but the other one.  Dude, she liked you. She did, come on. Look, you at least need to have some fun after Sarah, cause I hate seeing you mope around like this.

Oh, oh wait, no, baseball rumblings.  You want to discuss your love life, too, that's kosher, though.

And hey, if you're super worked up over how great Lou Marson is going to be this year and you need to shout it out loud and proud, then by all means, don't let me stand in your way.  Let us begin this, the grand experiment.