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Best Phillies Rumor Ever: Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs to the Booth

I don't care if this rumor is real or not. Just the mere thought of Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs in the broadcast booth has made this day infinitely better.

Jim McIsaac

Most days that include either Jamie Moyer or Matt Stairs are good days. This one includes both of them, so you know it's gonna be great.

Dennis Deitch of the Delaware County Daily Times tweeted this earlier:

Is that not the best news ever? I think it's the best news ever.

If this is true (and there hasn't been any confirmation from the Phillies yet, so my excitement may be a sad, sad mistake), Moyer and Stairs would be replacing longtime Phillies broadcasters Chris Wheeler and Gary "Sarge" Matthews. I could say things here about how glad I am that they're gone (I am) and how much I won't miss their commentary (I really really won't), but I'm not going to do that. Wheels and Sarge are the past, and now we get to focus on the future.

And what a future it could be. Both Moyer and Stairs are icons of the 2008 Championship team (it seems so long ago now...), and well regarded amongst the fans. But it's important to remember that we have no idea what their chemistry would be together, or with Tom McCarthy who will still be doing play-by-play in the TV booth. If they are hired, they will need time to figure out how to be a good broadcasting team. But I know I'm willing to give them that time.

If you'd like to listen to Jamie Moyer talk about baseball and the book he wrote ("Don't Tell Me I Can't), check out the talk he gave last September with his co-author Larry Platt at the Free Library of Philadelphia. He also talked to NPR's Fresh Air last October. Both of these talks are available to download as podcasts, so you can enjoy Jamie Moyer while you work, while you walk, while you exercise, and during many other activities that would be made better by the presence of Jamie Moyer.

You didn't think I'd get to the end of this piece without posting a video, did you? It's Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs. OF COURSE there's gonna be video.

ABOVE: Did you know that on May 7, 2010, Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher in MLB history to throw a shutout? I know that's true because I was actually at that game. The game lasted two hours and two minutes, and Moyer allowed just two hits.

ABOVE: I still have this game on my DVR and I'm never letting it go. On May 2, 2010, the Phillies beat the crap out of Johan Santana, hammering four home runs (including a Shane Victorino grand slam). But the best and most important at-bat of the game belonged to Jamie Moyer, who drew a bases loaded walk off Santana after fouling off pitch after pitch.

ABOVE: If I have to explain this clip to you, then we need to have a serious conversation about your priorities in life.

Oh wow do I miss baseball, guys.