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Show Off Your Quirkiest Phillies Fan Memorabilia of Yesteryear

Of course I didn't alter the Shane Victorino bobblehead, honey. He came that way. I swear. NO DON'T TOUCH HIM. He always has to be positioned perma-serenading Vet Stadium Pat Burrell.

He looks collectorish, Harry.
He looks collectorish, Harry.
Wet Luzinski

Perhaps, like me, every 12 years or so it's time to paint a room in your house. In my case, that meant the office, which meant moving a bunch of stuff to another room that I'd probably be wiser to throw out. But alas! Lo and behold, high up on the shelf I found a collection of 1993 Phillies photo-balls, with the eerie black and white visage of Dave "Head" Hollins staring back at me.

When I emerged, hours later, from my sullen, crow-hoppy trance, I had a vision of putting many of the one-off souvenirs and collectors' items I own into a photo that would turn into a post that would prompt you to share likewise.

So, in the spirit of a cabin-feverish winter, as we wait for the pitchers and catchers to report, I've shown you mine, Good Phighters. Will you show me yours?