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Braves at Phillies: 3/10 Spring Training Game Thread

Red alert! Red alert! Ryan Howard is batting fifth!

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

So, uh, these spring training games sure have been swell! I know that spring training means nothing, but it would certainly make me feel better to see them, you know, not suck. Or at least suck less. But right now, they're not playing solely for our entertainment. They're getting their work in, trying new things, practicing old things, and getting in shape for when rehearsals end and the real show begins.

So who are some of the players we'll be seeing today?

Ooh! Cliff Lee! I know who that is. He's dreamy. But that second to last guy, who is that? Is he new? If he's not I must have blocked him out of my mind. I wonder why I would have done that!

Here's a fun tidbit about today's game:

Yes that's Ryne Sandberg (not Sandgerg, which is funnier but not technically correct) deciding to move Ryan Howard down one whole spot in the lineup. Charlie Manuel pretty much built Howard a house in the number 4 spot. According to's own Corey Seidman:

The last time Ryan Howard started a regular-season game in any spot other than cleanup was June 29, 2008, when he batted fifth for the Phillies. That was 889 regular-season games ago.

It's only spring training, of course, but it's nice to see that Sandberg is at least willing to try Howard at a different spot, even once.

21 days until Opening Day, everyone! Discuss the game in the comments below.