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The Agony and Ecstacy of Spring: Actually Just Agony

If I told you a pitcher was hurt, would it blow your mind???

I...uh...I don't think that's actually MAG.
I...uh...I don't think that's actually MAG.
Rob Foldy

News isn't the only thing breaking on twitter, as this morning has brought us updates on two pitchers, one good and one bad.  You want the, uh, good news or the bad news first?  Bad news?  Good call.  Okay, so remember that international splash the Phillies made a few months ago that made us all kind of smile and think maybe the times they were a-changing?  No, no, not the Encarnacion signing.  Right, yeah, the other guy.  Mitch Gonzar or whatever.  Yeah, he's not feeling so good:

So hey good news cause shoulder injuries are usually pretty easy to fix, right?

To be fair, this shouldn't count as some sort of season altering news, because if anyone was actually counting on MAG to be a really good number three or something anymore, then you must be paying even less attention to Spring Training than I am. Still: something, something pitching prospects, something something.

Speaking of news that does affect the season, that swooning sound you heard from the Northeast corner of our country is Blog Mistress Liz Roscher hearing about the recent Cole Hamels news:

But what does this mean for his time table?

Well, it's better than "indefinite" anyway.  More importantly, let's turn to Liz to see what this means for our emotional wellbeing as fans:

Cole "Pitcher Of My Heart" Hamels was scheduled to throw a bullpen this morning, and thankfully there's good news to report.


Hooray!  Finally, speaking of something that is just really good all around news: guess who got a twitter account?


...say when does the regular season start again?