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Every Cut is the Deepest: Phillies Cull the Spring Training Fold

The knife is sharp as the Phillies make more cuts to their roster.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies made more cuts in camp today, and it was brutal.

OK, so it wasn't as bad as all that. But they did do some shuffling. Here's the twitter avatar of Todd Zolecki to tell you more:

No surprises there, really. Jeremy Horst is a name you might remember, as he had a good run with the Phillies back in 2012. Whenever I talk about Jeremy Horst, I have to point out that the Reds traded him to the Phillies in exchange for Wilson Valdez, which is insane. During the 2012 season, he pitched 31 1/3 innings in 32 games, ending with an ERA of 1.15 and a K/BB of 2.86. His 2013 couldn't live up to that, and after three months of struggling he went on the DL with an elbow strain, which kept him on the DL for the rest of the season. No matter what happens with Horst from here, the Phillies still won the Wilson Valdez trade by getting literally anyone with even an iota of talent.

One final piece of news from Phillies camp: catcher Lou Marson has been released. Marson was signed to a minor league contract back in December, which included an invitation to spring training. Marson was originally drafted by the Phillies in 2004, and was sent to the Indians in 2009 as part of the first Cliff Lee trade. He's struggled since then, but he was trying to make a comeback with his first team. Sadly, Marson's journey on the comeback trail won't end with the Phillies, but good luck to him wherever he lands. Catcher Sebastian Valle, who was reassigned to minor league camp back on March 8, has been brought back to major league camp to fill his spot.

It's always sad to say goodbye, but more cuts mean we're even closer to a final roster and real baseball. 17 days until Opening Day!