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(Good) Phillies News: Hamels Throws, Schmidt Returns

Do you like good news? Then you'll like what's been going on in Clearwater today.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

I crave news about Cole Hamels. And I know you do, too.

Now, I'm a little concerned that Hamels' arm still being attached was newsworthy, like there's a chance it could in fact just drop off. Not violently, like when he's throwing, but when he's just standing there. His arm just suddenly falls to the ground. Wait, why am I imagining this!!?

And I am thoroughly impressed with how thoroughly impressed HE is! Hamels' quote seems unambiguously positive, and so I'm going to breathe a minute sigh of relief until Wednesday when he throws again. If he makes it through Wednesday with his arm intact, the next stop on the recovery train to Healthy Town is facing actual hitters.

Now for more good news: Mike Schmidt is healthy! Which is good news because for awhile, he wasn't.

The cancer was Stage 3, and had spread to his lymph nodes. But after surgery to remove the lymph nodes under one arm, as well as chemo and radiation treatments, he's feeling much better. Schmidt is in Clearwater today to do the very first "Sundays with Schmidt", which will be broadcast on CSNPhilly today. Between Schmidt, Jamie Moyer, and Matt Stairs, I'm looking forward to the TV broadcasts for the first time in ages.