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Galvis diagnosed with MRSA, out indefinitely

Freddy Galvis is sick and MRSA is a bastard.

Look at that face. Fuck you, MRSA.
Look at that face. Fuck you, MRSA.

This morning, all Freddy Galvis had was a staph infection he picked up after having an abscess removed from his knee. Now things are much worse.

Jim Salisbury of has reported that Galvis has been diagnosed with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. According to, it's caused by staph bacteria, but what makes it special (or "special") is its resistance to antibiotics. That, of course, makes it very hard to treat. And it needs to be treated, because those pesky bacteria can make their way all over the body, causing serious infections in the lungs, the bloodstream, and even bones and joints.

MRSA is also extremely contagious, and loves to breed in places like, say, a locker room. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (of football) dealt with an MRSA problem last season which ended up infecting several players. Right now, the Phillies can't afford to lose anyone else, especially to something so serious.

It's a capital idea, actually. The entire place needs to be carpet bombed with some serious, industrial grade disinfectant, scrubbed down inch by inch, and then carpet bombed again.

But what of Freddy Galvis? Well, he's out indefinitely, and Salisbury quoted GM Ruben Amaro Jr. saying that there is no timetable for his return. And as much as I'll miss seeing his fresh, apple cheeked face in the dugout, he shouldn't even look at a dugout or a locker room until he's better. He's dealing with something incredibly serious and everyone at The Good Phight wishes him a not a quick recovery, but a safe, complete recovery. MRSA can result in death, and that's not something that anyone should screw around with.

Get better, Freddy. Oh my God I'm so sad.