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#LHVMYASS: Frandsen opts for free agency

Kevin Frandsen has declined his outright assignment and is officially a free agent.


Well how about that?

Per Jim Salisbury and every beat writer in the Delaware Valley, Kevin Frandsen has left $900,000 on the table to elect free agency, rather than report to Lehigh Valley, much to the dismay of beard loving female Phillies fans and grit loving male fans everywhere.

Most other fans really should not care either way about this move. Cesar Hernandez gives the team the exact same player (sans pinch hitting experience) for half the cost.

Frandsen is free to sign with any team, his $900,000 salary does not count towards the luxury tax, and a pretty boneheaded mistake of the off season on the part of the organization (no offense Kevin, I would have taken the deal too) is given a do over.

I have to give Frandsen and his beard credit here. he left guaranteed money on the table to pursue a major league opportunity elsewhere, and I for one am rooting for him, and I would not be surprised to see him sign with a team fairly soon.

Now watch that team be the Texas Rangers, and Frandsen put up three game winning RBI's in the series opener.