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Dark House Field: Blue Jays at Phillies Spring Training Game Thread

Until next year, Bright House Field.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Phillies play their last game at Bright House Field for 2014. For spring training is almost over and we should all rejoice.

Starting Monday, whatever the Phillies do (or don't do) actually matters, which will be a relief. Because I sympathize with Jimmy Rollins. It's hard to act like these games matter when they really don't. YOU try getting worked up over games featuring guys who most likely won't be on the roster in a week! It's super hard.

I'm sure the Phillies are sad to be leaving Clearwater, especially since it's been colder than a witch's tit outside. Hopefully the arrival of the Phillies in their ancestral home will trigger the actual change of the seasons. I could use a little spring.

Discuss the game in the comments below.