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Back Home Again: Pirates at Phillies Game Thread

We're almost there, folks. Let's luxuriate in these feelings.

Someone's grumpy!
Someone's grumpy!
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We should all take a minute today and tomorrow to luxuriate in these baseball feelings. The season is about to start, and no matter what the facts and the numbers say, anything can happen. The Phillies get to play two meaningless games at lovely Citizens Bank Park, and while they're meaningless, they get to do it at my favorite stadium. And, it's the On-Deck Series, which means that the players will be all around the ballpark, serving hot dogs and flipping burgers and being giant goofs.

I used to hate the On-Deck Series, but now I love it. Kyle Kendrick starts tonight, which I don't love, but can live with.

Enjoy the game, folks. Discuss it in the comments below.